EPFL-Espace et pavillions sur place Cosandey (Competition)

EPFL (スイス連邦工科大学ローザンヌ校) 設計競技最優秀賞選定

Developer / École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Site / Lausanne,Switzerland
Main use / Reception venue,Exhibition spaca,Music hall and Restaurant
Total floor area / 3,500 m2 (as planed)
Height / 2 stories above ground (as planed)

Kengo Kuma & Associates with Holzer Kobler Architekturen won the first prize for the competition “EPFL-Espace et pavillions sur place Cosandey” in Lausanne,Switzerland.

A “long roof” that is 270 meters long was provided in an attempt to integrate the many functions of the interdisciplinary campus. Multiple boxes are placed beneath the “long roof” that have diverse functions (café, museum), and semi-outdoor space (holes) was provided between the boxes in order to promote various types of communication.
The “long roof” is supported by a wooden framework, and the pillars and beams which consist of the main members are reinforced with aluminum panels that have holes in order to create transparent space that is open to the environment.