Developer / Kabuki-Za ・ KS building capital special purpose company
Design/ Kengo Kuma and Associates
Collaborative design/Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.
Site / Tokyo Japan
Main use / Theatre, Office, Shop
Total floor area / 93,530 m2 (as planed)
Height /29 stories above ground and 4 below

Kabukiza which was designed by Isoya Yoshida and built in 1951 was rebuilt as a performing theatre that has disaster preparedness functions that is open to the city. Economic sustainability was ensured by building a high-rise building above Kabukiza, creating a solid base so that the tradition of Kabuki culture can be handed down to future generations.
Counting the first generation Kabukiza which was built in 1889, this is the fifth generation Kabukiza. The basic design of the previous designer was maintained, and members that could be reused were recycled to the greatest extent possible. A small plaza and shrine were provided in front of the building that act as an interface with the city, and shops are located on the side of the building with an arcade that allows people to walk in the area without getting wet when it is raining, and making the theatre open to the city. This represented our solution to the challenge of creating a theatre that will revitalize the theatre area for senior citizens, rather than being a closed entity.

KABUKIZA opened on 2nd April.