UR Yokodai (on going)

UR洋光台 (進行中)

UR Yokodai ©Kenji MASUNAGAUR Yokodai ©Kenji MASUNAGAUR Yokodai ©Kenji MASUNAGAUR Yokodai

UR Yokodai (ongoing)

Yokodai, Yokohama city, Kanagawa, Japan
to be completed 2016.12(expected)
rennovation of plaza
2000 m2

UR stands for Urban Renaissance Agency, an independent administrative agency whose mission is to improve and service housing environments for the public. UR Yokodai is the first of the projects directed by UR, Kengo Kuma, and Kashiwa Sato to revive DANCHI. Danchi, or a big apartment complex, was a policy by the government to provide families with housing who were working at the time of high growth. Now that the generation has moved forward, the project (called The Future of DANCHI) aims to revitalize the complexes in Japan as relaxed sites for communities that can adjust to the era of rapid aging and declining birthrate.
Yokodai is located on a hill looking down the ocean of Yokohama, in the vast site of 207.5 hectares. The Yokodai DANCHI was completed in 1970, whose appearance of concrete boxed symbolized the housing complex developed during the high economic growth. The Future of DANCHI aims to transform those hard and big buildings into a village of gentle and soft atmosphere.
The massive and solid public space in the complex was turned into an engawa (semi-outdoor corridor) under a warm and soft canopy. The big roof invites in lives and works of SOHO, NPOs and some welfare facilities, as small-scale organizations that connect the residents and the outer world. Its completion is due in 2015. In the residential block, we installed a “panel of leaves” a piece of aluminum on which patterns of foliage are printed, for the outdoor unit at each room. This also helps to cover the drab appearance of concrete.