Materials, Structures, Details

隈研吾 / マテリアル・ストラクチャーのディテール

Kengo Kuma & Associates
Shokokusha / Birkhauser (2004.09) / China Architecture & Building Press
Japan / Switzerland / China
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Long regarded in Japan as a master architect, Kengo Kuma first entered the European limelight two years ago when he won the “Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award”, being the second architect to win this prize after Renzo Piano. Timber construction, however, is merely one field in which this declared environmentallysensitive architect has specialised. This monograph presents 14 selected projects from 1992-2003, including the Museum of Hiroshige Ando and Stone Museum (Toshigi Prefecture, Japan), the Water/Glass-Villa (Atami, Japan), the Plastic House in Tokyo and the Bamboo House near the Great Wall of China. All projects are portrayed in exact technical drawings full of details and material specifications.