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Japan 2021Edogawa City Eiko Kadono Childrens Literature Museum

On Going

We designed a museum on the hilltop of Nagisa Park in Edogawa City, Tokyo, where people can experience the world of the author Eiko Kadono, who originated “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

We thought the architecture be designed starting with small units, like the little houses that often appear in the stories of Kadono.

We arrayed small boxes following the gentle slope of the hill, and overlaid roofs for them as if they would extend themselves lightly like blooming flowers.

Located at the bank of Edogawa river, the park offers rich natural environment – and we created an open space where people can enjoy Eiko Kadono’s vision of the world through the five physical senses.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Rina Suzuki, Kohyoh Yang, Shoki An, Yoo Shiho, Hugo Poveda, Sayaka Shimizu, Keisuke Narisawa Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Facility Kankyo Engineering Accumulation Futaba Quantity Surveyors Exterior クロス・ポイント