Kuma Words 12

Kuma Words 12

V&A Dundee has opened at last, and I recently spent a wonderful five days in the Scottish city. There was such a sense of togetherness among the crowd at the opening of the building, as I have never experienced before. I was asked for autographs and selfies when I walked through town, and children followed wherever I went, calling me “V&A!” The whole town was full of excitement.

I’d say that it took eight years, from the competition until the recent completion, to forge the friendship that we now have. Dundonians have always been supportive of our idea of reconnecting people to the water by demolishing a group of warehouses at the waterfront. Because it is not the largest or most well-known in Scotland, many were uncertain whether such an urban planning project would actually be realized or succeed. However, it has become a validation that if we join our hands and work together, amazing things can happen!

As I watched fireworks being set off over the water and the cliff-shaped exterior dyed red with digital projections, I felt as if I was in a dream. How fortunate I am to be engaged with such a wonderful project.

With children in Dundee
First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

Director of V&A Dundee Philip Long, Annie Long, and actor Brian Cox

Pictures courtesy of V&A Dundee