Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1

隈研吾VR作品集 Vol. 1

It is a collection of video works that includes the masterpieces of Kengo Kuma, produced with the latest 3D VR camera. It is an advanced and unprecedented project, which allows three-dimensional experiences as if one was in the spot of Kuma’s works. Aiming to be widely used as academic educational material, it would be able to be accessed worldwide for free. With voice commentary by Kengo Kuma himself, a 10-minute VR movie would be produced for each project.
Sponsored by DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. + LIXIL Corporation
Produced by NHK Enterprises, Inc.

Vol. 1 Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building


Floor Plan

Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building Plan 1F
Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building Plan 1F
Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building Plan 2F
Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building Plan 2F
Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building Plan 3F
Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building Plan 3F


Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- The building was constructed for the university’s new field of research on ubiquitous computing. Located right in front of the Kasugamon Gate, it is closest to the station in the University of Tokyo.
- Our aim was to break away from the conventional image of campuses that consist of hard materials such as concrete, metal or stone, and to instead design a soft building made with wood and earth.
- Next to the site is Kaitokukan, a guest house of the President of the University of Tokyo, where the garden is designated as a national scenic spot.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- When you approach from Kasugamon, you will see a glass wall that protrudes from the kurogi (Cafe). This glass surface emphasizes the connection with the garden of plaza (hole), which is in this semi-outdoor space.
- The ceiling of the plaza is designed to draw people in using cedar boards. In addition, these cedar boards are in harmony with the nature of the garden.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- Cedar plate is vertical on the on-site aisle side, with the mounting angle varying for each row so that it is horizontal towards the garden, while gently undulating, it constitutes a smooth and biological facade.
- In advancing the design, the 3D model was checked from various viewpoints and the angle was determined.
- The line of cedar boards was made to move by combining four unit patterns of different widths. (width 550mm, 750mm, 950mm, 1150mm)
- In order to simplify the installation, we also devised such as creating a dedicated jig for each unit pattern.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- On the other side of C03, if you look at the ceiling of the plaza from the garden side, the appearance of the cedar board on the ceiling looks dynamic and different.
- In fact, there is a lecture theater at the top of this plaza. The cedar board ceiling is also a sloped ceiling along the slope.
- This swelling ceiling is 5.3m at the lowest place on the premises aisle and at the highest 3.4m, and the garden side is horizontal at 4.8m. In addition to the slope of the ceiling, the angle of the board is also operated to create a smoother and more life-like impression.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- Like the ceiling of the plaza, it combines four unit patterns with different widths and has a lower-view board-like configuration. By changing the length of each unit, we were able to create an organic and soft look.
- The outer wall is perpendicular to the right side (north), but it is an oblique wall that makes the foot shake toward the left side (south), and it creates a flow to the garden.
- After the non-combustible injection process, cedar plate is applied with wood protective paint (clearly mixed with white).
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- It is obvious that the wall is tilted diagonally from this angle.
- The back (north side) is vertical and tilted towards the front.
- The cedar plate on the window was devised to spread the skima a little and adapt to the opening in a gradient.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- This is the facade on the side of the Kaitokukan Garden.
- Welding wire mesh panels with plastering by Japan’s leading plastercraftsman, Mr. Shuhei Hasado, were installed on the side of aluminum sash in the laboratory and faculty room.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- In harmony with the garden, three colors of the tea color spectrum was chosen for the left-handed color, with the texture of the natural soil, and by combining the pattern that becomes width and height, we made an organic expression.
- This plaster panel is set so that the window of this laboratory is not seen directly from the Kaitokukan, the guest house of the president.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- This is the angle seen from a lower height than C03.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- This is the corridor on the 1st floor. As you can see outside, the walls are tilted, so the pillars on the aisle side of this site have different angles with each other.
- It is made with full use of the technology of Daiwa House Industry, which possesses advanced steel pipe technology.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- Aluminum sash is designed to increase the likeness of the vertical material so that it is able to absorb the difference in angles of the adjacent glass.
- The advanced technology of the LIXIL realizes high smoothness and production accuracy (error is less likely to occur) of aluminum sash, and it is a design that can be achieved.
- In addition, we have produced a rhythmic walking space by the change in the height of the aluminum sash.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- This is a stairroom. It is a stairwell that usually tends to become dark, but here it was a bright stairroom where light comes out by the fall prevention fence by steel mesh.
- The right side is the stairs classroom, and the back is the on-site passage of the Sugiita Facade.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- Then, let’s enter the Daiwa House Ishibashi Nobuo Memorial Hall located right above the plaza we just visited. From this position, the right side is the Kaitokukan Garden, and on the left is the on-site passage that leads from Kasugamon.
- The three-dimensional ceiling of this 125-seat stair classroom consists of plywood for non-combustible structures with clauses.
Kengo Kuma Immersive Collection Vol. 1
- The plywood for non-combustible structure of this ceiling is drilled, and high sound absorption performance is secured by adding sound absorbing material on the back side.
- The ceiling surface is configured to lower the height towards the podium.
- Lighting includes only linear lighting in the ceiling slit.