Between Particles

Title:Between Particles/Kengo Kuma 2013 China Exhibiton

Organizer:Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Co-organizer : Beijing SongLei Design Center

Dates: July 24th - September 25th , 2013

Venue:Shanghai Himalayas Museum|Zendai Contemporary Art Space

Media support:99ys/DI/China Business News/Oriental Morning Post/LOHAS/ARTRON (Listed by Initials)

Academic support: School of Media & Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University/Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Design Academy/College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University/College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University/Sino-Finnish Centre, Tongji University/China Academy of Art Shanghai Institute of Design (Listed by Initials)

Sponsor: Intertrend Communications,Inc.

Art director /Curator: ZHUE /Executive curator: Tian Dazhi (National Museum of China Exhibition Center curator)/Executive assistant curator: Cao Mengge (Beijing SongLei Design Center)/Project Manager: Huang Yuelin

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