A music concert for the ”architecture for the five senses”

In a world saturated with visual information, KKAA’s China tour exhibition “Architecture of the Five Senses” was held to show architectural works with physical sensations and experiences. Not only by showing models and drawings but also through music concerts held in KKAA’s architecture and broadcasting to the exhibition site in China, we tried to bring the architectural experiences with an overwhelming sense of realism even while in a foreign country.

We invited musicians to KKAA’s works, such as SUNNY HILLS and COEDA HOUSE, and streamed the live music performance at the exhibition site in Beijing. On the site, we prepared a large screen and a stage with 100 BALMUDA LED speakers that change their light according to the movement of the sounds. KKAA’s works and surrounding landscapes filled with “music” were delivered to the site with sound, light, and video images, bringing inspirations of lifestyle and architecture full of sensations.

The musicians who produced the music for this exhibition, Yuya Haryu (composition/keyboard), Tomoe Ando (composition/percussion), and Ryo Kusunose (arrangement/saxophone), made the performance. Hiromoto Oka (NPO Shonan Yueiza), a filmmaker creating Kengo Kuma’s documentary records, made the videography and audio broadcasting work.

In a pandemic era where we have restrictions to access physical spaces,
by intervening media such as “music” or “video” that directly appeal to our five senses, we succeeded in sharing the architecture’s sensations appealing to our “five senses” ― even being in different places of the world.

NPO Shonan YueizaNPO湘南遊映坐)
Yuya Haryu波立裕矢(composition/keyboard)
Tomo Ando安藤巴(composition/percussion)
Ryo Kusunose楠瀬亮(arrangement/saxophone)
Hirokatsu Asano、Siwen Liu、Minghui Xiong、Justin Xu、Ran Mo、Ziming Wu、Fangfang Wei(KKAA)
Guardian Art Center (嘉德芸術中心)
R Photography Art Museum (R国际影像)
©︎Zhu Yumeng朱雨蒙