France 2014Cartujano Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Interior | Commercial

From Cartujano, we are very interested in the relationship of the brand with the deep culture of horse riding of the South of Spain and all the traditional craftsmanship around the use of the leather. Being this the first shop for Cartujano worldwide, we therefore thought that leather should be the protagonist material for this project.

But we didn’t want leather to become just another superficial finish; we wanted it to be an active element of the space expressing it in tension. We then have imagined a wall display system where leather stripes are weaved into the horizontal shelves, creating the illusion of a lattice supported by the leather. Although the simplicity of the space, this illusion creates a very special dramatism.

Another aspect of the leather that fascinates us is its capacity to age improving its texture and presence. Anticipating this, we chose the other materials to be aged as well : slightly rusted metal for the shelves and ceiling, and beautiful oxidized limestone for the floor and central bench.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz Photography ©︎ Alexandre Merlet