© André Morin

France 2008Jugetsudo Paris

Interior | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant
1F / 1BF

Jugetsudo is tea and Nori (seaweed) boutique on Rue de Seine in Paris. We wanted to make space on a street corner in Paris that felt like a bamboo grove. Air that has a different ambiance from the normal world flows through bamboo groves, and light somehow feels different as it filters through the bamboo. Pieces of bamboo with different lengths and diameters ranging between 20 and 40mm were suspended from the ceiling in a grid pattern with a 20cm pitch, creating an airy ambiance similar to a bamboo grove.

A solid counter made from Japanese cypress without any seams is provided in the center of this special space, and is used to serve tea and Japanese sweets to customers. We hoped that this would give people an opportunity to experience “nature” in a similar way as in Japan. The stone cave in the basement was converted into a stone tea-ceremony room.

Team Makoto Shirahama*, Tomoyuki Hasegawa, Jun Shibata Construction MCH Cooperation MCH Facility MCH Illumination I.C.O.N. Publication Shoten Kenchiku 2009/05 Vol.54 No.5 Photography ©︎ André Morin