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Japan 2018Renewal of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

Interior | Commercial

Mitsukoshi is the first and the oldest department store in Japan. We renewed their main store in Nihonbashi to a “white and shiny forest.”

We placed a tree canopy on each pillar, which is made of aluminum panels set in different angles. The panels had been cut based on the data generated by a 3D program. The trees canopies are repeated to create a “forest” in the urban environment. An LED light is installed on each canopy so that we could get add an effect of komorebi (=light in a forest filtering through the tree leaves) in the space.

The Mitsukoshi building, designed by Tamisuke Yokokawa, has been designated as Japan’s Important Cultural Property. With this project, the building regained its glamor and was reborn to enliven the downtown culture of Tokyo.

Team Takumi Saikawa*, Nahoko Terakawa, Tomoyuki Suwa, Takashi Taguchi, Genki Yada, Tomohiro Matsunaga Construction Isetan Mitsukoshi Property Design Cooperation Glophis, Nomura Company Illumination LPA – Lighting Planners Associates Award Award of Merit Publication Nikkei Architecture 2018/11/22 , GA JAPAN 147 , Shinkenchiku 2016/07