©Erieta Attali

Switzerland 2021Student Dormitory Grand Morillon

Sports | Residential | Educational | Gallery/Museum/Cultural
9F / 1BF

This brief requested a proposal for a 700 beds student housing building. Besides the various types of apartments, there was the need of public and common spaces – common kitchens, laundry rooms, sports facilities, library, study areas, cafeteria, etc.-
We wanted to avoid the usual vertical program segregation (of public facilities on the ground floor and apartments on the above floors) that heavily depends on elevator circulations.
Instead, we proposed an ascendant promenade “carved” into the building’s volume, which would allow pedestrian access to all floors, from the ground floor all the way up to the rooftops.
All the necessary public facilities would be allocated along this promenade.

In this way, the architecture encourages a more walking-conscious lifestyle and provokes encounters between its inhabitants.
The hope is to offer a community-like experience to all these hundreds of students who will be coming from very different origins and that will be cohabitating here for the years to come.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Aris Kafantaris, Nicola Maniero, Mate Meszaros, David Minton Albero, Jennifer Chan, Hiroyo Yamamoto Construction Complex Bau Cooperation 2M Ingénierie Civile Sa Facility Weinmann Exterior EMF Paisatge Illumination Light IQ Others CCHE Lausanne Publication GA DOCUMENT 154 International 2020 Photography ©︎ Adrien Barakat, ©︎ Erieta Attali, ©︎ Gerald Sciboz, ©︎ Iwan Baan, ©︎ Javier Villar