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China 2021The Tide [Yacht Harbor at the Haikou Bay National Marine Park] Marine Sports Center / Lighthouse

Sports | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant
3F / 1BF

Haikou Bay International Marine Park locates in Haikou City, Hainan Island, in southern China. The Marine Sports Center serves as a hub for international yacht and surfing competitions regularly held at this Marine Park, incorporating maritime culture exhibitions, cultural events, and cafes & bars open to the public. We also designed the Lighthouse located at the outer peripheral of the pier as part of the overall facility. Given the ocean and maritime culture context, we adopted the concept of “tides” for both the Marine Sports Center and the Lighthouse so that the environment surrounding the pier with multiple facilities gains integrity with one design language.

The Lighthouse has a vertical ”waving” white louver façade that combines various scalene triangular cross-sections along the constricted cylindrical volume, generating a façade that blends into the ocean landscape.

The Marine Sports Center is designed by twisting a box-like volume into a large, streamlined “tide.” As a result, the view lines are led towards the sky and the sea along the curved surfaces letting the building show a soft silhouette that changes every moment depending on the viewing angle. Also, a path connecting the land and the pier penetrates the building generating a “hole,” turning this yacht center into a “gate” to the sea for the citizens.

Considering the building’s location being in the tropical region, we designed the building shell using different opening methods, such as large glass façades and rectangular punched windows, depending on the internal functions and orientations. By applying an aluminum louver skin fixed with various angles, the building achieves integrity like a single “wave” that rises with the thrust of nature.

In this project, “The Tide,” which stands on the edge of the city facing nature, we acquired an urban “landmark” that “resonates” with the natural environment by incorporating a powerful phenomenon such as a “tide.”

Team Hirokatsu Asano, Yun Hong*, Chensitian Wang, Yiqing Liu*, Kitty Ma Construction Jinzhongtian Hydropower Engineering Construction CO.,LTD. Cooperation China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering CO.,LTD. Facility China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering CO.,LTD. Exterior China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering CO.,LTD. Illumination Arcplus Institute Of Shanghai Architectural Design & Research