The Towada city plaza for social communication (Proposal)

Developer / City of Towada
Site / Towada, Aomori, Japan
Main use / Plaza for social communication
Total floor area / 2,500 m2
Maximum height / 1 floor, 10m

This facility will be developed as part of a plan by the city of Towada to activate the city center by introducing the “Plaza for Education” and “Plaza for Social Communication”. Through the introduction of these two facilities, the city intends to improve public welfare and environment for lifelong learning by attracting the public of all ages and through numerous social events improve the ties and social exchange between the communities.

Out of the two facilities, our winning scheme is the “Plaza for Social Communication”. The site is facing a shopping district in the city center, and the proposal strives to improve communication and social exchange amongst the citizens becoming a vibrant center for creation integral to the city development.

The theme throughout the project is a “New place for social exchange” and by integrating streets and plazas, it creates shared spaces where communities can prosper through the vibrancy born. We call this “Michi-no Hiroba” (plaza of streets).

Along the “Michi-no Hiroba”, there will be playrooms introduced where children can play in a safe environment and will introduce galleries that can accommodate exhibitions of all nature produced by local and international artists. In addition, offices for people who support the civic activities and small offices for other related activities. This will generate a network that strengthens the connection with the local region.

For further information regarding the project please visit the website below.