©ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero)

Spain 2021New Interior for Casa Batlló Stairs & Atrium

Interior | Gallery/Museum/Cultural
7F / 1BF

This project is a Tribute to the genius use of Mediterranean light by Gaudi in Casa Batlló.
While in Casa Batlló the 8 story original central patio captures the natural light and distributes it evenly to all the corners of the house, in the new project this vertical travel is done within the 8 story enclosed space of the existing emergency stairs, using a series of suspended aluminum chain screens to capture light, in this case artificial, in order to create an everchanging experience from the brightness of the rooftop to the dark depths of the old coal cellar in the basement.
Project team: Javier Villar Ruiz, Jaime Fernandez Calvache, Gorka Beitia Zarandona, David Minton Albero, Mila Dimitrovska, Kimio Suzuki

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Jaime Fernandez Calvache, David Minton Albero, Gorka Beitia-Zarandona, Mila Dimitrovska*, Kimio Suzuki Illumination Viabizzuno Photography ©︎ IMAGENSUBLIMINAL