© Daniele Iodice

イタリア 2017Kiko Milano New Store Design

内装 | 商業

Kiko Milano asked for a design that would help refine their branding strategy and make their products stand-out. We designed a series of pure, white stores that allow the brand’s signature products, often based on vibrant colors, to be emphasized. To minimize the materiality of the interior, we relied on white walls, mirrored finishes, and digital screens.

Against this white aesthetic, a vaulted ceiling is composed of thin aluminum plates. When viewed from some angles, the plates’ composition is abstract and resembles a flow of materials, while from other perspectives they take on the shape of Kiko Milano’s Logo, repeated as an emergent rhythm.

KKAA designed stores in Milan, Bergamo, Madrid, and Dubai. The design and branding strategy has been used by Kiko Milano in the development of further stores throughout the world.

チーム 宮澤 一彦、垣副 正樹*、クレメント ケビン 写真撮影 ©︎ Daniele Iodice