©Eiichi Kano

China 2021Shangxia New Beijing Store

Interior | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

The Beijing store of SHANG XIA belongs to Hermes brand, which was established to inherit Chinese craftsmanship to the present day.
Using a diamond-shaped glass brick with a side of 140 mm and a thickness of 50 mm, we visualized complicated phenomena of light such as its transmission, reflection and refraction. SHANG XIA’s colorful products emerge beautifully against the background of light and shadow amplified through glass bricks. We aimed to revive the cultural tradition of China, which has pursued the beauty of light and its unique brilliance.

Team Yutaka Terasaki, Huaqiu Zhou, Maoyu Mao Construction 上海建築装飾集団 Others Shanghai Woshe Interior Design Project Photography ©︎ Eiichi Kano