© Keishin Horikoshi / SS

Japan 2022Tokyu Office Renewal

Office | Interior

We designed an organic office space that connects people, greenery and products in the Shibuya sky by means of an “organic ribbon”.
The “organic ribbon” that freely floats below the ceiling is space for greenery and lighting, as well as a highly flexible index for the flow of people to each area by brightly visualizing the flow lines.
Furniture and planters made from various natural materials are randomly arranged on the floor, creating a diverse living space that resembles the town of Shibuya.
The diverse elements of the overall space are connected by the “organic ribbon”, creating a city forest.

Team Masaru Shuku, Yoshinori Yaguchi, Yusuke Kanemoto, Tomochika Miki*, Kyoko Mase Construction Office Laboratory Exterior Ishikatsu Exterior Illumination Daiko Electric Company Photography ©︎ Keishin Horikoshi/SS