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Singapore 2023Whitestone Gallery Singapore

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A huge warehouse facing the port of Singapore has been renovated into a gallery of the largest scale in Asia.
Linkage with the 1st floor of Singapore Art Museum (SAM) in the same warehouse building has created a new centre for contemporary art in Asia in the downtown area of Singapore.
We designed a transparent installation without a profile that resembles a forest for the reception area to symbolize the abundant nature of Singapore to provide a tunnel in which sunlight filters through, serving as a threshold between the hustle and bustle of Singapore and the world of art.

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Team Masatoshi Tobe, Wanxuan Wang, Yohei Mochizuki, Ben Nitta Construction ZYCC SINGAPORE PTE.LTD Cooperation ZYCC SINGAPORE PTE.LTD Facility ZYCC SINGAPORE PTE.LTD Illumination Lighting Workshop Co.