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Japan 2021KKAA Naha Satellite

Office | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

KuMO satellite office in Naha, Okinawa is in an area called Tsuboya, which is known for pottery. It is just a 10 minute walk from the main tourist street, Kokusai-dori.

Recently, there are more and more restaurants and craft shops in the Tsuboya area, giving each street a unique character. For this reason, we thought the increasing complexity and liveliness of the area was perfect to set up a satellite office location.

The famous tourist venue, Makishi public market, is next to Tsuboya. In addition, a market for farmers to sell vegetables and general merchandise is right in front of our satellite office. Previously, it was known as Noren Market; our satellite office helped to revitalize this part of the city, which is now known as Noren Plaza.

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