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Japan 2022Kuma Mobile Office Higashikawa


We are proceeding with a building project in Higashikawa in Hokkaido, a town that has no “railway, national road or waterworks”, but is a place where you can drink water the same quality as bottled mineral water by simply turning on the tap since spring water from Mt. Daisetsuzan is supplied to the town.
Higashikawa is renowned as a town for its furniture because of the world-class wooden furniture workshops that are scattered around the grassy plain in this area.
KKAA thought that Higashikawa had great potential, and embarked on an experiment to create a new working style by building wooden satellite offices in this grassy plain.
We collaborated with a furniture workshop to produce the wooden box-shaped units, and in addition to usage as a satellite work space, these units are also utilized as a structural unit capable of supporting the horizontal load of the building.
The desk workspace is also opened up to members of the community other than KKAA staff as part of our effort to make the satellite offices an integral part of the community where wood-themed interaction can take place.
The structures that were built by stacking these units have become a symbol of the collaboration between the town and KKAA, and we will continue to strive to achieve symbiosis with the town.
Site Area:1st building 847.84㎡/2nd building 573.54㎡/3rd building 601.23㎡/4th building 846.57㎡
Building Area:92.84㎡ ×4
Total Floor Area:153.17㎡ ×4

Kuma Mobile Office

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