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China 2014Shang Xia Shanghai Maison

Interior | Commercial

Shang Xia Shanghai is the flagship shop for a new brand under the umbrella of Hermes where the traditions and craftsmanship of China are reproduced in a contemporary manner. A brick building which was constructed in 1909 was structurally reinforced and converted into a boutique.

Special cloth that was hot formed into a 3D shape was used for the interior to create space that looks like a semi-transparent cave. Normal biaxial weave cloth that consists of vertical threads and horizontal threads was replaced with hot formed polyester cloth woven with special technology called triaxial weave, enabling “3D cloth” to be made. Units made with this “3D cloth” were sewn together at the shop to create soft space that feels like a cave.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Taku Nishikawa* Construction Nomura Company Others Vermilion Zhou Publication DETAIL 2017/10 No.214 Photography ©︎ Masao Nishikawa