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Japan 2023Delis Yokohama Sushi Koizumi

Interior | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

KKAA designed a sushi restaurant on the first floor of the Delis Yokohama Building (2018), based on the themes of “softness” and “materials”.
The concept of “softness” was inspired by the impression of sushi made by a chef with roots in Kanazawa, and it was also reflected in the continuous, soft and layered aluminum screens on the upper part of the Delis Yokohama Building.
The hinoki wood counter was given curved lines, the ceiling had fine ridges, and the screens dividing the space were textured with washi paper featuring a pattern resembling water droplets, known as “rakusui” in Japanese, shifting the traditional Japanese space towards “softness.”

Team Kenji Miyahara, Toshiro Ota, Guilherme Cesar Novak, Yoo Shiho, Fumiki Sugawara Construction TDM Works Joint Design Kunishige Kuukan Sekkei, Gran Engineers Inc. Exterior DAISHIZEN Illumination PMC