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China 2012Shang Xia Beijing Store

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This is the Beijing branch of the SHANG XIA brand in the Hermès group that was created to reproduce traditional Chinese culture and craftsmanship in a contemporary manner.

Soft space that appears like it is covered with a cloud was created by stacking pieces of extruded aluminum. An aluminum screen with a depth of 60mm was made with three types of H-shaped members and two types of I-shaped members that have a minimum thickness of 4mm in order to create mysterious space that feels like a cloud. A subtle harmony is thus achieved between the industrial material called extruded aluminum and SHANG XIA products where were inspired by Chinese traditions.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Hiroki Tominaga*, Tomoko Sasaki*, Nahoko Terakawa Publication GA JAPAN 121 Photography ©︎ Masao Nishikawa