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Japan 2022Takahama Park Proposal

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Takahama in Fukui Prefecture is known for Mt.Aoba (Wakasa Fuji) with its beautiful silhouette and spaciously curved Wakasa Bay. The “Play Garden” proposal reflects the essence of such beautiful scenery, creating a lively landscape where people of all ages can enjoy exercising and interacting in the greenery.

In the proposal, the landscape essentially becomes a form of playground equipment by dispersing three “architectural playground equipment” elements in the park: A membrane roof “tent,” a sloped “hill,” and an underground “cave.”

Collaborating with professionals of children’s playground design and also with landscape architects in Hokuriku, we erased the boundaries between the architecture, playground equipment, and park.

Park: 8,450 m2
Architecture: 1,000 m2

Joint Venture: Kengo Kuma/ JAKUETS/ Nihonkai Consultant

Cooperation companies:
Playground equipment: JAKUETS Inc.
Park: Nihonkai Consultant Co.,LTD.

Team Kenji Miyahara, Kuniaki Tanaka, Yutaro Ota*, Hinako Kokuga Others JAKUETS, Nihonkai Consultant