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Japan 2022Tekigaiso Information Center Ogikubo

Landscape | Civic | Exhibition
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As the old saying goes “Kamakura in the west, Ogikubo in the east,” Ogikubo developed as a town for holiday houses in the suburb of Tokyo and became an iconic place of Showa era for intellectuals and politicians to socialize. This architecture with an exhibition and interaction space will be the hub to visit the symbolic “Ogikubo Three Gardens” (Tekigaiso Park, Otaguro Park, and Kadokawa Garden).

In the adjacent site, Suginami City Office has been working on a restoration project of “Tekigaiso” designed by Chuta Ito and built in 1927.

By compactly placing the information center, café, and exhibition space under a big zelkova tree in the woods of a former residence, and building a roof with 8 coved quadric surfaces, we imagined creating an architecture for the people gathering under a zelkova tree.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Kuniaki Tanaka, Hirono Yamamoto, Yohei Mochizuki Cooperation Kozo Keikaku Engineering Facility Kankyo Engineering Accumulation Futaba Quantity Surveyors Exterior PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Collaborative