© Jimmy Cohrssen

Japan 2016Takasaki Chapel


We designed a wooden chapel that reaches towards the sky in front of Takasaki Station. We bring light into the chapel through gaps between sections that are each comprised of 5 wooden planks in order to create a holy space that has the warmth of wood in the middle of a city.
The light inside the chapel changes minute to minute like the hands of a watch, and when it is reflected by the basin in the afternoon, it shines onto the west wall, filling the inside of the chapel with golden light.

Team Eishi Sakamoto, Taku Nishikawa*, Tsuyoshi Kanda* Construction Fuyuki Kogyo Corporation Cooperation Makino Structural Engineering Facility Kankyo Engineering Publication Casa BRUTUS 2023/01 Vol.273 , GA JAPAN 142 Photography ©︎ Jimmy Cohrssen