©Fabrizio Stipari

Italy 2014Van Gogh Exhibition

Interior | Exhibition

Into Palazzo Reale, I wanted to bring in some way or other the undulating earth that Van Gogh much loved. We sought hard about how we could convey to people that tenderness and warmth, and finally arrived at a piece of cloth – that material of earth-colored, a bit rough feel, with a smell of soil when you press your cheek against it.

On that waving land of fabric, Gogh’s paintings will drift about. His works will be thrown out in the midst of the overwhelming power from the ground. Humans themselves are the beings who have to leave everything to the earth and simply float on – I took Van Gogh’s message this way.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Wuijoon Ha Illumination Viabizzuno Photography ©︎ Fabrizio Stipari