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China 2011Xinjin Zhi Museum

3F / 1BF

The theme for this art museum which is located at the foot of Laojunshan Mountain, a holy place for Taoism, is light and water. The permeable screen façade is made using locally available tile. An airy screen with an interesting texture was created by fixing the tile that has a natural rough texture made at local workshops using traditional techniques with stainless steel wire.

Team Teppei Fujiwara*, Minoru Ko (Shi Hu)*, Yuki Haba* Construction 中国二十冶金建築 Cooperation Oak Structural Design Facility P.T.Morimura & Associates Illumination Iwai Lumimedia Design Others Nippon Design Center Publication GA DOCUMENT 122 , GA JAPAN 115 , GA JAPAN 112 , Nikkei Architecture 2011/01/25 No.944 Photography ©︎ Daici Ano