France 2017Archives Antoni Clavé

Office | Interior | Gallery/Museum/Cultural

The Clave Archive is private museum housing the works of Antoni Clave (1913-2005), an artist representing 20th century Spanish art.

Inspired by the powerful texture of Clave’s work, including oil painting and collage, we decided to spread washi over sheets of expanded aluminum mesh, generating a new kind of texture with a sense of solidity and transparency. We used the sheets as screens throughout the interior of the building.

The screens were prepared in western France by Yasuo Kobayashi, a washi manufacturer, whose studio is in Niigata. During the process of washi making, the mesh sheet is soaked in a starchy liquid made from kozo (mulberry) and sunset hibiscus. Various levels of transparency were achieved by controlling and adjusting thickness of the solution and the way washi is dried.

Team Chizuko Kawarada, Carla Beaujard* Cooperation Inhouse Photography ©︎ 11h45