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Japan 2022Carbon Hut


In Chikugo Regional Park, the largest park in Fukuoka Prefecture located next to Yabe River, we designed a grove of light and transparent huts.
By placing a pole shifted from the center of the circle and braiding carbon fiber strings radially to the ground, we created an upside-down funnel shape. The braided carbon fiber strings were covered by transparent and soft “hats” made of ETFE. We built a light hut like a primitive house with modern materials such as carbon and ETFE.
The three huts around the trees invite people visiting the park into the grove, and offer a small relaxing place.

Joint Design Company:Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd.

Team Hironori Nagai, Taro Awano, Yukiko Ang, Hiroyo Yamamoto Construction OH-YABU CONSTRUCTION Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Photography ©︎ Kawasumi-Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office