©Toshihiro Ishibashi /Hiro.Photo.Building

Japan 2018Delis Yokohama

Commercial | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant
8F / 1BF

The building is expected to be a new landmark in the east part of Yokohama station, the area drawing attention from the public as the base to promote Yokohama’s street culture.

With 850 panels of aluminum grating that have different sizes and patterns and are combined as mosaic, we tried to translate the humane and unsorted atmosphere of this vibrant district alongside the canal into architectural vocabulary. Normally, multipurpose buildings in big cities are treated unfavourably. However, with the application of the industrial material as the particle, we succeeded in giving a fresh expression of “noise” to the building.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Soichiro Harada*, Teppei Izuka*, Shoki An, Go Terasawa, Hisako Tokai, Saki Osaka* Construction NB Construction Illumination PIA Others PIA Photography ©︎ Toshihiro Ishibashi /Hiro.Photo.Building