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Japan 2019Entrance Hall of Keikyu Group Head Office

Office | Interior
18F / 1BF

For the entrance hall of Keikyu Group Head Office, we diverged from conventional office building design, and instead designed it to be organic and soft like an entrance suitable for a museum.
The ceiling features Castor aralia wood panels with delicate wood grains that offer a sense of warm embrace and an organic atmosphere. Additionally, the plaster walls were given a ripple-like texture by the plasterer artist Shuhei Hasado.
All details are based on the standard gauge (1435 mm), the distinctive size of Keikyu trains. This generous size offers a sense of security and comfort to people.

Design and construction:Taisei Corporation
Design Supervision:Kengo Kuma & Associates

Team Toshiki Meijo, Tomohiro Matsunaga Construction Taisei Corporation Publication Kindai Kenchiku 2020/01 Vol.74 Photography ©︎ Imada Photo Service