©Kimiaki Nishikawa

China 2010Shang Xia

Interior | Commercial

Shang Xia is a new brand under the umbrella of Hermes. Its concept was developed to embrace and integrate the essence of a 21st century contemporary Asian aesthetic. Using natural wood and sandstone combined together with high tech fiber a clean, elegant, harmonious and seamless environment was created. The fabric (triaxially folded) that covers the entire interior of the shop was heat-treated and shaped in Japan. It is a material which comes between cloth and plastic, which can retain the softness of natural cloth and strength of shape-memory texture.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Taku Nishikawa* Construction Nomura Company Illumination Koizumi Lighting Technology Publication Shoten Kenchiku 増刊 FACADE Vol.1 , Shoten Kenchiku 2011/02 , GA JAPAN 108 , Casa BRUTUS 2010/12 vol.129 Photography ©︎ Kimiaki Nishikawa