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Singapore 2023Suzuki restaurant

Interior | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

The sushi restaurant is located in an area of historical shophouses of Singapore. We placed a garden inside to create a realm that is secluded from the outside environment, to simulate a serene Japanese atmosphere. The garden is a composed of stones and boulders of different sizes: one of which is a mizubachi (water bowl), that makes a soothing sound of kakehi (flowing water) that adds to the ambience of the dining experience.
The bamboo ceiling has a form of a large wave that flows across the entire open dining area to the garden. The shadow of the bamboo facade that permeates the inside and out acts as a soft demarcation from the outside.

Team Masatoshi Tobe, Wuijoon Ha, Hye Lim Jang, Zhuoran Fang, Qianhui Fang, Ikuma Yamamoto, Lan Wang, Kyoko Mase, Yusuke Ito Construction Falcon Incorporation Pte Ltd Joint Design K2LD Architects Facility United Project Consultants Pte Ltd Illumination LPA – Lighting Planners Associates Others Hakone Ueki Landscape Construction Co.,Ltd. Photography ©︎ Benny Loh /0(Studio Zeros)