フランス 20171 Hotel Paris

宿泊・娯楽 | 店舗/飲食

Part of an ambitious development above the railways in the district Paris-Rive Gauche, this hospitality project is a sustainable and innovative building which can serve as a landmark as well as a ‘green lung’ for the neighborhood. Within a series of repetitive volumes along the Avenue de France, our design strategy was to develop a sculptural form, as if shaped by natural erosion, allowing light to reach the avenue below. The volume decomposition is defined within the modularity of the wooden structure. As particles dispersed across the entire elevation, facade panels blur the shape of the building. The warm materiality of the wood is combined with metal panels whose finish provides a soft reflection. Throughout the day, the building transforms with the shifting light.

チーム マチュー・ヴォトリング、ミルナ・コンスタンチヌスク、カザリ 二コラ、Hagai Ben Naim*