©Zeno Zotti

Italy 2014Camper Monte Napoleone

Interior | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

We have covered all walls around the shop with a system of very humble plywood boards mounted through the most simple and basic intersection joint we could imagine. Though, each of these simple wooden boards hide within both the lights for display as well as those for emphasizing the depth of the construction : it is indeed an extremely sophisticated fully integrated lighting system created in collaboration with Mario Nanni.

We have conceived this wooden board system to appear in elevation as a simple 32x32cm grid, a dimension that simply follows the standard shoe size to display on stores. Though, it is due to the different position of its vertical boards, that the system suddenly becomes a very complex and random three-dimensional construction once seen in perspective.

We have limited the choice materials to only two : wooden plywood boards for the walls and natural stone for the pavement. Though, the naked finish of the boards themselves and the heterogeneous surfaces of the acidized limestone slabs will fill the space with rich textures and tones.

This coexisting duality, between simple/basic at first sight, and complex/sophisticated when deeply observed, is what more fascinates us from Camper’s attitude towards design… and is indeed this dual attitude what we have tried to imply with our design here in this Camper shop in Monte Napoleone.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Jaime Fernandez Calvache Photography ©︎ Zeno Zotti