Spain 2018Camper Paseo de Gracia

Interior | Commercial

This Camper shop in Barcelona faces the Plaza Catalonia. In this project, we renewed the space with vaulted ceramic plates which were used as the form-work of floor slabs. This was a revolutionary method of construction developed in Catalonia as previously, floors had been supported by wooden beams. The ground-breaking concept of this Catalan vault was a great inspiration to Gaudi throughout his works.

Here, the Catalan vault functions as the basic unit of the furniture, from shelves, to benches, and counters for the shoes, giving a warm and friendly atmosphere which reflects the culture of Catalonia.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Jaime Fernandez Calvache, Nicola Maniero, Ludovica Cirillo*, Kimio Suzuki Construction Norden GSE, S.L.U. Illumination Viabizzuno Photography ©︎ IMAGENSUBLIMINAL