UK 2009Cha Cha Moon

Interior | Commercial

Cha Cha Moon is a noodle bar inside the Whiteleys shopping centre located in Bayswater in the West part of London. We used bamboo to create space that feels like a cave. We used bamboo vertically in the Bamboo House we built on the Great Wall in China, but for this project, we used bamboo horizontally to create a cross-section that looks like a cave, and placed mirrors at both ends to make the space seamless.

The cave is another roof that was built inside the building. Our fundamental approach to architecture consists of creating space with a roof rather than creating space with walls. Steel plates that are only 3.2mm thick were used for the benches, with the needed strength obtained by bending them in the same manner origami is folded.

Team Ryukichi Tatsuki* Photography ©︎ PICZO