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Japan 2006Chokkura Plaza


A project to create a new station plaza that would play a leading role in the community activities, centered round an old storehouse, an Oya stone masonry, which was to be preserved.

Debris of Oya stone from the storehouse are reused and combined with steel plates arranged diagonally in order to create attempts to achieve transparency by making the most of the material’s texture.

Team Shin Oba Cooperation Oak Structural Design Facility P.T.Morimura & Associates Accumulation 高輪建築事務所 Award International Architecture Award For The Best New Global Design (Chokkura Plaza), Detail Prize 2007 Special Prize (Chokkura Plaza) Publication Nikkei Architecture 2008/08/11 , Shinkenchiku 2008/08 , DETAIL 2007/01 Vol.171 2007年冬季号 , Casa BRUTUS 2006/12 Vol.81 , Shinkenchiku 2006/08 , Shinkenchiku 2006/08 , Shinkenchiku 2006/08 , Shinkenchiku 2006/08 , Shinkenchiku 2006/07 , GA JAPAN 81 , Nikkei Architecture 2006/01/23 , Nikkei Architecture 2005/11/14 No.809 Photography ©︎ Daici Ano