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フランス 2020La Galilée de Saint-Maurice d’Angers


We were asked to design a contemporary gallery to protect the western portal of Angers Cathedral, where precious polychromatic sculptures from medieval (12th century) and modern (17th century) periods were recently discovered.
The uniqueness of this portal, dating from the 12th century, is represented by these multi-coloured stone relics typical of the Middle Ages, and only a new construction will be able to preserve it sustainably.
Our challenge was to create a harmonious dialogue between a contemporary creation whilst preserving Middle-Age architectural heritage.
We wanted to put ourselves in the shoes of the builders of the Middle Ages and to create a regulatory framework, using compasses, thus generating the proportions which lead to unity.
All this is achieved using the finest stone processes possible which then frees itself from the thick walls of the cathedral built in stereotomy.
It is this technical process that creates a contemporary feeling to the building, while remaining part of the history of architecture.

チーム 河原田 千鶴子、エリーズ・フォーケンベルグ、神谷 大道、Carla Beaujard* 施工 BETEM Atlantique 照明 8-18 Lumière 協力事務所 Vincent Brunelle、Martin Brunelle パブリケーション GA DOCUMENT 160