©Fujinari Miyazaki

Japan 2014Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotels & Resorts Royal Terrace Building

Hospitality | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

Royal Terrace is the annex to the Garden Terrace. Here we converted the
hotel as a box in the hotel as the house, by using the roof as the
architectural vocabulary. Applying the textured material (washi, plastering)
to the interior is part of this attempt. The wall is painted manually with
black and white, at random. Its surface possesses the expression of Chinese
landscape painting, and with its trace of hand-drawing, we tried to overturn
the conventional image of “coating the wall” with paint.

Team Eishi Sakamoto, Taketo Ichise* Construction Shimizu Corporation Cooperation Makino Structural Engineering Facility Kankyo Engineering Exterior Kinkaen Photography ©︎ Fujinari Miyazaki