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Spain 2022GOZ collection

Product | Exhibition

We designed a new type of rug in which wool is woven together with pieces of wood. The wood pieces are used as the warp, and the wool is used as the weft, creating a three-dimensions texture with undulations that can be felt under your feet. The colors and shapes of the wood pieces and wool are changed, and have been named “AME” (rain), “KIRI” (mist) and “TSUCHI” (earth) as a suggestion of their connection with nature, and the overall collection has been named “GOZ” (rush mat).
We also designed the booth at the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile.Milano) where the collection was released. The rugs were used to make curved screens with varying heights to separate the different areas, transforming them into partitions. We received the German ICONIC AWARD for Innovative Architecture (Booth design). After the screens are taken down, they can be rolled up and easily transported so that they can be used at a new venue, which was an integral part of the design concept. We strived to have the rugs be compatible with a nomadic lifestyle, taking a hint from the historical lifestyle of nomads who built yurt from rugs that they carried with them when moving from one place to another.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Miki Sato, Mitsuharu Yoshisato