Japan 2021Kagetohikari


The new interior products; carpet tile and wall covering we designed in collaboration with Sangetsu.
We especially focus on richness of texture in shadow and had been tried to give warmth on the surface that mostly look flat in ordinary items. “KAGETOHIKARI” means Shadow and Light.
It was not easy, but technicians and craftsmans had amazing ideas such as putting woven textile on the metallic paper by hand for wall covering and using yarn once
knitted and unwrapped and yarn dyed in gradient for carpets.
That kind of new technique including handwork makes uncontrolled beauty occurs accidentally and give softness even on the flat surface.
During the pandemic, we stay inside much longer than before, we expect that we will find the movement of shadow and light in the space with those finishes, as if you are in forest.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Miki Sato Others Sangetsu Award iF Design Award 2022 Publication Casa BRUTUS 2021/09 Vol.257 Photography ©︎ Sangetsu