©️Kai Nakamura

Japan 2022KKAA Tokyo Office Renovation

Office | Interior
Renovation | Completed

We redesigned five floors in Aoyama Tower Building, a modernist office building masterpiece designed by Junzo Yoshimura, to create flexible and open sustainable offices filled with greenery that are conducive to diverse workstyles in the post-COVID-19 era.

In our KKAA Tokyo office, we have over 200 staff members, the majority of whom are from overseas. Taking COVID-19 as a turning point to further embrace new lifestyles, we opened satellite offices in Hokkaido, Okinawa, Okayama, Wakayama, and Toyama. This transformation has made our work style to be network-based, highly flexible, and free.

Our Tokyo office now serves as the hub and icon of this new network, adopting a hot-desking work style. Three types of partitions, a combination of glass and translucent curtains, metal mesh, and bamboo, replace typical opaque office walls and offer organic materiality, unlike other offices in Tokyo. Randomly placed models and products create the sense of the whole space as a library museum showcasing KKAA design. We aimed to connect our past accomplishments to the future generation through archiving.

Team Taichi Kuma, Tomohiro Sato, Junichiro Hirata, Tomohiro Matsunaga, Go Terasawa, Akiko Shinohara, Toshiro Ota, Tatsunori Shibuya, Asami Igarashi, Michelle Yeung Construction Equipment & Facility Design Co., Ltd., CS Corporation, Kanazawa Co.Ltd. Photography ©︎ Kai Nakamura