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Japan 1996Noh Stage in the Forest

Civic | Religious

Noh performances have been a tradition in Japan since the Edo Era, and Tome Noh that is performed here continues to be closely linked to life in this community.
The western style of Noh stage contained inside a concrete box that has been used since the Meiji Era was replaced with a traditional Noh stage where space called “sky” is created between the stage and audience seating with Shirasu stone, bringing the Noh stage back to life in its traditional form.

The building was constructed with locally available timber, and wood louvers were provided between the building and the town with the objective of making the space on stage open to the town and the forest behind it. The facility also has a small museum, and the audience seating can be used as a multi-purpose room, in the hope that it will become the core of cultural activity in the community.

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