©Masao Nishikawa

Japan 2013Ryoguchiyakorekiyo Higashiyamaten


Ryoguchi-ya Korekiyo is a long-established Japanese confectionary store in Nagoya. The roof-type cross section enabled us to create a tranquil, shadowy place under the eaves. The building faces a busy road in the city, so it was important to provide a kind of sanctuary alongside it, in order to protect architecture and bring in a different atmosphere, like a Japanese garden.

The interior consists of natural materials such as wooden lattice and washi paper. Light bounces back from the green in the garden, and its gentle lighting also helps to secure a peaceful spot that is normally unexpected at the heart of busy cities.

Team Makoto Shirahama*, Jun Shibata, Hiroaki Akiyama, Ryuya Umezawa*, Ryota Torao* Construction Tokura Corporation Cooperation Konishi Structural Engineers Facility Kankyo Engineering Exterior Green Wise Publication GA JAPAN 135 Photography ©︎ Masao Nishikawa