© Erieta Attali

China 2017MIFA 1862 / shipyard

5F / 1BF

We maintained and restored a huge shipyard of bricks built in 1972, located by the Huangpu River in Shanghai, as a new complex facility with a theatre and retailers.
A “hole” with a height of 20 m and a length of 150 m, which makes you feel the scale of a huge ship, penetrates the center of the building and creates a strong impression in the space. The effect is further strengthened with concrete columns that have supported the existing building.
The western end of the façade is covered with a translucent screen, which is made of porous bricks fixed with φ 8 mm stainless steel wire. Density of the bricks changes as if to draw gradation.
The theatre is situated at the eastern end of the building. Behind the stage is an enormous glass surface. Depending on the direction on stage, the curtain can open up and the view of the Huangpu River suddenly appears in front of the audience.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Yutaka Terasaki, Junki Wakuda*, Minoru Ko (Shi Hu)*, Tian Qiu*, Rita Topa Construction Shanghai Construction Group Illumination Panasonic Publication DETAIL 2019/7 No.221 Photography ©︎ Erieta Attali, ©︎ Eiichi Kano