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Japan 2024Shikada Shitsurai Rattan Furniture


Rattan furniture is characterized by its lightness and ease of bending, but we took these characteristics a step further and attempted to unify the entire piece with a single linear design that resembles a single brushstroke.
The lines are twisted together and the rattan with fine cuts is bent at a sharper angle than before. Next, the rattan fabric at the edge of the seat is wrapped around the base of the frame and inserted with a tapered edge. These new techniques and details give the craft of rattan furniture new possibilities.
The main frame of the rattan is made of Manau rattan collected in Indonesia, with the thicker pieces used for the frame and the thinner pieces used for the seat in wicker or wicker-net weave, using all the material available and being environmentally friendly.

Team Nahoko Yoshii, Naoto Miyake